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Our Mission

Enhancing the healthcare facility management industry by delivering excellence through education, training, research, and networking

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Who We Are

HCI Health Care Institute of North Texas is an organization that exists to serve the healthcare facility manager and executive involved in the business strategy of their institution or corporate system regarding the use of real estate whether new or existing in the fulfillment of their business and community goals. HCI facilitates the delivery of timely information about the marketplace that may impact their decisions as they continually assess the use and effectiveness of their portfolio of properties to fulfill their mission. While other organizations already exist to serve on the maintenance, upkeep and compliance issues regarding facilities, HCI will assist in focusing on informing about right property, right function, right size, etc. as it relates to their strategic needs.

Sponsors Have a Big Impact

HCI Health Care Institute of North Texas consists of hospital administrators, facility managers, design and construction professionals, consultants, vendors and students serving academic medical centers and community hospitals, retirement facilities, specialty hospitals and clinics. The HCI membership and audience is composed of owners, developers, C-Suite level executives, vice presidents, directors and consultants seeking to learn or talk about upcoming trends, shared lessons learned, national benchmarks and more.

Our Members Get Value

HCI’s mission is to holistically enhance the skill of facility management professionals within the health care industry and to further the profession overall. We have developed, facility management track for healthcare design, annual educational events, Speakers Bureau, webinars to keep you ahead of changing trends, financial skills workshops, ongoing podcasts and videos, and more!


Holistically enhance the skill of facility management professionals within the health care industry and to further the profession overall.



HCI Membership is just $95.00 for one full year. Join Now. Already a member of IFMA? To add HCI membership to your IFMA membership at a discounted rate


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A Short History of HCI

HCI is currently aligned with the International Facility Management Association, IFMA. We do not report to IFMA. We stand on our own. You do not need to be a member of IFMA to be a member of HCI, but you can join HCI through IFMA. HCI also has active collaborations with organizations such as AAHID, ASHE, Center for Health Design, and Practice Greenhealth

HCI is growing very fast. HCI was founded in 2015. The North Texas Chapter held its first meeting on May 23, 2017 as its third chapter, following the Minneapolis (Midwest) and Chicago chapters. We have grown from 5 to over 70 North Texas members in our first year. One year later, HCI has 7 chapters from coast to coast, and should have 12 by the end of 2018. The goal is to have a chapter in every major market area in the US.

We welcome all healthcare facilities, real-estate, construction or design professionals, or a business partner with talents and energy to support our efforts, to join and grow with HCI Health Care Institute of North Texas today!

Our Members & Sponsors Tell It Like It Is

“HCI has been a great networking opportunity for me. I have been able to connect with a very eclectic group of people from the healthcare and construction industry in the DFW area..
Meeting monthly with this group have given me the opportunity to create relationships outside the office environment and open some doors that were previously close.”

BW Brisco, Member

“HCI North Texas is actively paving the way for its members to learn more about what’s important to the Healthcare institutions in our local market. Beyond the informative programs and events, I find the greatest value in developing meaningful engagement with other members who want to participate in the path forward for the industry.”

Kimberly Burke, Member

“HCI North Texas provides an opportunity for healthcare industry professionals to learn, share knowledge, and network together in a unique and different setting each month. The local and regional relationships made along with knowledge shared through this group of healthcare experts is invaluable.”

Kyle Marden, Member

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